Family Wishlists

I’ve been questioning our relationship to Amazon lately and their questionable practices regarding small(er) businesses, their workers, and their overall business practices. And while I won’t sneeze at the cheaper prices there versus other places, I don’t want to give them more data and business than I need to. So, that being said, everyone’s wishlists are going to be on the blog. You can purchase what you want/can through Amazon, but I hope you’ll take the time to find a different company/go straight to the source -not for any of us, but for the workers and for yourselves and for the economy. If I can, I’ll provide links to the sites/products/companies.

So far, I have:

  1. Better World Books:
    • I have only ordered one book from them, but the process was painless; they have a handful of different buying options which was a little confusing (what was new versus used, was it all through them) and I haven’t done a deep dive into their prices, but I didn’t pay over the sticker price and I don’t think I paid shipping. However, their business practices are super impressive. If their prices are higher or aren’t as highly discounted as Amazon’s, take heart that that money is going toward promoting literacy, donating a book for every book purchased, offsetting the carbon footprint of the delivery of your item(s), and recycling books. In that sense, the prices here are probably a bargain.
    • This has turned into my go-to online book seller, on the off chance I buy books. Give them two weeks for turnaround, but still. They were created to help independent booksellers compete against Amazon, which is totally awesome. Their business model is detailed on the site, but the basics of it is that the profits get split among independent sellers 2 times a year. So unless there’s a specific indy bookseller you frequent and support, this place is a fantastic alternative. Plus, their online presence is stronger and better-equipped than most indy sellers.
  3. Newegg:
    • This is for electronics of every kind (though, I guess they now have apparel -so weird). James has been using them for ages. He builds our computers and this is where he gets all the pieces.
  4. Paypal
    • This isn’t exactly shopping, but it’s a place to enter your payment information just once. It makes me feel a little better that my information isn’t at a million sites, and it makes it easier to checkout at all those different sites since I’m not reentering all of my information each time. I’m not saying this is a perfect solution, but it’s no worse/unsafe than giving your information to Amazon.

Regarding the kids, these wishlists are in no way meant to inhibit your individual relationships with them, nor are they meant to suggest one MUST buy them something or buy them something from these lists. Gift buying can be difficult for many and these lists are merely meant to provide a way for family and friends to get to know the kids’ current likes as well as the values with regard to commercialism and consumerism that James and I are trying to instill in them. We do ask that any and all gifts are not overtly genderized. A good rule of thumb is if its not something you would say, would want to say, would want to be said about you, or would want to be said to your own child (regardless of age or gender), it’s probably not the best for a child. Also, if it’s something you would get for a boy, but not a girl or vice versa, that’s probably got some gender stereotypes tied to it that we want to avoid. Thank you so much for your support and understanding!


  1. Anything from
  2. Gift Certificates to or Items from
  3. Little Passports: There’s a monthly subscription that is pretty cool and they have other, one-time gifts. There are stuffed animals, but she has a ton of those already, so if this site is appealing, the little activities they have might be a better option.
    • As of Dec 2020, she’ll be getting the World Edition 1-yr subscription (Year 2)
  4. Money for College Savings: If you go to and enter in her unique code (79X-R1Q), you can easily make a contribution to the savings we have set up for her at USAA.
  5. Clothes
    • Size 7
  6. Books
    • Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters by Barack Obama, Loren Long
  7. Games
  8. Interests: These Are the Things She’s Into Right Now
    • Dragons
    • Dinosaurs
    • Superheroes (particularly Wonder Woman, the Hulk, Captain America, and Captain Marvel)
    • Mermaids
    • Unicorns/Pegasuses
    • Princesses
    • Animals


  1. Bambo Nature Diapers: We do occasionally use these, and whenever the Pandemic truly ends, he’ll go back to daycare part time, and he’ll definitely need these there.
    • Right now he’s in Size 5
  2. Jackson Reece Unscented Wipes: The same. These, however you have to get through Amazon.
  3. Gift Certificates to or Items from
  4. Clothes: Currently, he’s wearing 3T/36mo (!), but I suspect he’ll soon be into size 4/4T sooner rather than later.
  5. Money for College Savings: If you go to and enter in his unique code (E3Z-60E), you can easily make a contribution to the savings we have set up for him at USAA.
  6. Games
  7. Other
    • Bath Towels
  8. Things That Ben Likes Right Now
    • Puffin Rock
    • Room on the Broom
    • Being Outside
    • Dinosaurs
    • Books of all kinds
    • Sun-Dried Tomatoes (absolutely not kidding; if we let him, he’d eat these like candy)


  1. Gift Cards
  2. Books
  3. Other
    • A good whiskey


  1. Cookware
  2. DVDs
    • The Pinkertons (Though, I am not sure this is available in Region 1… 🙁 )
  3.  Books
  4. Gift Cards (in no particular order)