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Mother’s Day

I had asked James for a picnic, but it was cold! So we ate inside. James put together a tea party with small sandwiches, smoked salmon, blueberry scones, a caprese salad, and tea. So good! Plus, he made challah, which was supposed to be for French toast, but we ran out of eggs. So we …

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Patio Furniture

We needed new patio furniture but we couldn’t quite agree on what to get and we definitely didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it. Eventually, we decided James could take it on as a project (seriously, it was a joint decision; we were looking at other projects and talked about maybe making …

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KSTEM TEA, part 2

Ben was sick, so James took Evie to her TEA for her bridge unit. It sounded like they had a lot of fun! Here’s their mission: Here’s their design and their materials: Here’s their finished bridge: And here’s the test:

James Passed His PMP!

One of the goals for the year was for James to earn his Project Management Professional (PMP), which is an industry and internationally recognized certification. He took a week-long class, took the test, and passed with flying colors -Above Target on each section! Nothing much more to say, just sharing the news that he’s amazing.


Christmas was quiet and relatively warm (gah!). We started off with stockings; Mom made both of their stockings and Evie was able to use hers last year and Ben used his for the first time this year. So cute! Our next adventure came later when Ben started crying; we thought it was because he was …

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The Outer Banks, part 3

The Outer Banks, part 1 The Outer Banks, part 2 The Outer Banks, part 4 On one of the days, we went to Jockey’s Ridge, which is, I guess, the tallest living sand dune on the East Coast. The view was pretty great and, you know, it was like walking on a sand dune. We …

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James and I recently celebrated our 8th (wedding) anniversary by wine tasting in Belmont at two different wineries (beautiful drive and beautiful views; mediocre to highly ok wines) and watching a movie (I had borrowed Atomic Blonde from the library a few weeks previous and we used the time to watch it [finally]… Good thing …

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The itinerary of the trip was that we arrived in Boston on Thursday, 16 May, checked in and boarded the boat on Friday, where that evening we pushed off. We were at sea all day Saturday and arrived in Bermuda Sunday late morning. We were in Bermuda all day Monday and left on Tuesday evening, …

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Captain Marvel, part deux

If you’ve seen the movie, this picture would mean more to you. If not, go watch the movie so this picture can mean more to you. Evie: This is Captain Marvel when she was hanging upside down in the thing! Bonus: James installed the baby gates this past weekend and he was trying to hammer …

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As mentioned, we went to Disneyland. But before going to Disneyland, we had to fly to California, where we got to spend some time with family and friends. The kids did pretty well on both plane rides. We took a midday flight from Dulles and got into LAX around 11pm EST/8pm PST on a Thursday, …

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