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Painting, part 1

We painted all of the rooms upstairs when we moved it, but hadn’t done much since then (I painted the half bath last year around this time). We had some water damage in the master bathroom/bedroom (and Evie’s room) because of shottily made houses and their roofs, wind, and rain, and the drywall repair extended …

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Stuff to Do in These Isolating Times

I’m going to keep updating the blog itself, but I thought I’d keep this post on top because I’ll keep updating this particular one, too. Just scroll down to skip it if it’s of no use; if for no one else, at least these links will be easily accessible for me: How to Help If …

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The itinerary of the trip was that we arrived in Boston on Thursday, 16 May, checked in and boarded the boat on Friday, where that evening we pushed off. We were at sea all day Saturday and arrived in Bermuda Sunday late morning. We were in Bermuda all day Monday and left on Tuesday evening, …

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Well… We’re Back.

Okay. So things got a little crazy and I haven’t had time to update anything. But I’m still trying for that once a week update goal, which means I have a total of 7 posts. Of which, this will be one! These past 7 weeks have been pretty full. Ben’s been sick, I’ve been sick, …

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Evie’s Birthday Party

We threw Evie a birthday party this year. It was the first year she really asked for one, so we thought, ok. Naturally, because we’re us, we had it at our house with food that I mostly made. I don’t regret it, but it was a lot of work. We had it between lunch and …

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There’s a large… hill that borders our neighborhood -assume it’s a sound and safety barrier for the street along our neighborhood. Anyway, it snowed a couple/few weeks ago and Evie took full advantage. She made snow angels, she jumped on the snow hills James made as he shoveled snow… and they sledded down the aforementioned …

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Ben: 7 months

I just want to share some of these because he’s growing so much!

DC House Hunting

James and Evie flew down to the DC-area for a smidge over a week to search for a house, visit some daycares, and check out a couple pediatricians. There was a lot of sleeping in the car, eating favorite foods (noodles of various sorts), and discovering her enjoyment and talent at the game Memory. Plus, …

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By now, it’s come and gone. Or at least, the part of Fall that everyone loves. Now it’s just dreary and bare. But while it was here, this is what it looked like: Evie was so excited to jump in leaves that as soon as any leaves fell, she wanted a pile, so this is …

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The Matrix Is Real

It’s times like this I think, “the matrix is real.” How else can we possibly explain such an ignorant look backward at boy and girl stereotypes?   Both girlfriends I sent this to asked “are you at Hobby Lobby?” Which makes so much sense considering what a backward place this person—er, I mean, business—is. No. …

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