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Random April Pictures

From about late March through the end of the school year, I homeschooled Evie. Starting about mid April, Evie’s teacher started sending weekly lessons, to include worksheets and projects. But until then, I was on my own. One of the things we did was make homemade play-doh and paper bag jellyfish -and then we made …

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Random March Pictures

Here we are sneaking cookies while Ben is elsewhere. Evie has a ways to go to understand such things as “act natural” and “clandestine.” Every now and then, Evie will read Ben his bedtime story. Ben seems to be the limiting factor more often than not, but it’s still sweet to watch. Ben is both …

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The Kids

Ben He has clearly learned when he’s doing something wrong because whenever he’s doing something and we go to stop him, he’ll run and back away, shaking his head, like “come and get me, coppa!” Ben and Words He constantly says “oh nooo!” Something has fallen, “oh nooo!” Something is stuck, “oh nooo!” Something’s not …

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KSTEM TEA, part 2

Ben was sick, so James took Evie to her TEA for her bridge unit. It sounded like they had a lot of fun! Here’s their mission: Here’s their design and their materials: Here’s their finished bridge: And here’s the test:

Random February Pictures

Here are some pictures from school; the first is Ben on the toddler and younger playground. The second is during a section on Egypt -the thing she’s holding is her clay tablet with Egyptian hieroglyphs. The left bottom picture is just quintessentially Evie -the outfit, the pose. And the last one is the end of …

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Random January Pictures

Some pictures from school: We had our first snow of the year/season a week into the new year and Evie had a blast. James came home early because work closed and kicked everyone out, and he picked up the kids early so they could enjoy it. Ben was… hesitant. Not unlike with sand and pool …

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Evie’s Birthday Party

We had another birthday party for Evie this year. I’m not sure I want to keep this up, so I need to find a way to break the news to her. Or figure out an alternative. Or decide whether this is feasible long term. Or just keep doing it until we, for whatever reason, can’t. …

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Random December Pictures

Random pictures from daycare (there’s a lot more, but I do try only to put pictures on our site that don’t have anyone else’s children. Also, apparently they’ve changed their default picture type, which isn’t compatible with WordPress -or, perhaps, anyone, because I’ve never seen it before -and I’ve only just realized it and haven’t …

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Evie’s Birthday

For Evie’s 6th birthday, we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It’s a 1.5hr drive, so we headed out early and had breakfast sandwiches in the car. The aquarium is pretty okay, but holy smokes, it’s expensive. Definitely not a very accessible aquarium. I don’t know why they aren’t getting supplemented by the government …

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Christmas was quiet and relatively warm (gah!). We started off with stockings; Mom made both of their stockings and Evie was able to use hers last year and Ben used his for the first time this year. So cute! Our next adventure came later when Ben started crying; we thought it was because he was …

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