Ben’s Wishlist

Hello Family and Friends!

I’ve been questioning our relationship to Amazon lately and their questionable practices regarding small(er) businesses, their workers, and their overall business practices. And while I won’t sneeze at the cheaper prices there versus other places, I don’t want to give them more data and business than I need to. So, that being said, everyone’s wishlists are going to be on the blog. You can purchase what you want/can through Amazon, but I hope you’ll find a different company/go straight to the source. If I can, I’ll provide links to the sites/products/companies, or alternative sites/companies you can purchase things through. So far, I have:

  1. Better World Books:
    • I have only ordered one book from them, but the process was painless; they have a handful of different buying options which was a little confusing (what was new versus used, was it all through them) and I haven’t done a deep dive into their prices, but I didn’t pay over the sticker price and I don’t think I paid shipping. However, their business practices are super impressive. If their prices are higher or aren’t as highly discounted as Amazon’s, take heart that that money is going toward promoting literacy, donating a book for every book purchased, offsetting the carbon footprint of the delivery of your item(s), and recycling books. In that sense, the prices here are probably a bargain.
  2. Newegg:
    • This is for electronics of every kind (though, I guess they now have apparel -so weird). James has been using them for ages. He builds our computers and this is where he gets all the pieces.
  3. Paypal
    • This isn’t exactly shopping, but it’s a place to enter your payment information just once. It makes me feel a little better that my information isn’t at a million sites, and it makes it easier to checkout at all those different sites since I’m not reentering all of my information each time. I’m not saying this is a perfect solution, but it’s no worse/unsafe than giving your information to Amazon.
  4. Package Free Shop


This page is in no way meant to inhibit your relationship with Ben or force you to buy things for him.

That being said, we are not an incredibly materialistic couple and we are trying to teach Ben to be the same, so while we absolutely appreciate any and all gifts anyone chooses for him and realize they’re gifts (which are optional and at the discretion of the giver), we would also appreciate if we had everyone’s support and gifts given are kept more to the quality/sentiment rather than quantity side of things. I know that some people show affection by giving things and we absolutely appreciate and understand that and we don’t want to sound ungrateful or that we’re stifling that or that that’s somehow wrong, so I’m sincerely sorry if it’s coming off that way. Logistically, we’ll be moving every few years and the less stuff we have to move, the better for all of the obvious reasons that affect anyone who moves.

Thank you so much for your understanding!


General Note: Please avoid toys or clothes that are overtly and questionably masculine (questionable as in phrases that no one should say or think, regardless of age, and pictures that really reinforce the stereotype). He’s already being exposed to a million different micro expectations pushing him toward the andrological and patriarchal ideologies of society, and it would be great if we could have everyone’s support in doing our best to allow him to see and understand the world and the people in it, most especially himself, more generously.

  1. Bambo Nature Diapers: He goes to daycare two days a week and needs these there. Boo.
    1. Right now he’s in Size 4
  2. Jackson Reece Unscented Wipes: The same. These, however you have to get through Amazon.
  3. Gift Certificates to or Items from
    1. Threads 4 Thought
    2. Winter Water Factory
    3. Barnes and Noble
    4. Etsy
  4. Clothes: He’s into 2T/24mo, which should get him through summer next year. I would imagine that we’ll be putting him into 3T by January 2021, just in case that’s a thought for anyone. I tend to buy on clearance and we do have quite a bit of clothes that Evie wore.
  5. Money for College Savings: If you go to and enter in his unique code (E3Z-60E), you can easily make a contribution to the savings we have set up for him at USAA.