Baby Petersen III

We are expecting our third child! Baby P III, is due 26 May 2021 and we are all feeling varying levels of excitement (which is to say that Ben, no matter how many times we tell him, is in denial…).

Pregnancy during the pandemic, as many know or can assume, has its challenges. I’m hoping that by the time May rolls around, things will be a little better, but we’ll see. We all do the best we can and make of this time as we will. 🙂 It’s also been an adventure learning yet another state’s maternal health infrastructure, and we’re hoping our experience and the care and respect we receive in Virginia matches that of Massachusetts. But maybe that’s having too high of expectations?

Naturally, we have pretty much everything we need! But, here’s a short list just in case (though not meant to suggest we are expecting anything!):

  1. Planet Wise Wet Bag, Hoot or Foxy Frolic
  2. Jackson Reece Unscented Wipes
  3. Gift Cards: These are probably the best, though least fun
  4. After Baby is born, we’ll set up a 529 and provide that link, just like for Evie and Ben