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Mother’s Day

I had asked James for a picnic, but it was cold! So we ate inside. James put together a tea party with small sandwiches, smoked salmon, blueberry scones, a caprese salad, and tea. So good! Plus, he made challah, which was supposed to be for French toast, but we ran out of eggs. So we …

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Random April Pictures

From about late March through the end of the school year, I homeschooled Evie. Starting about mid April, Evie’s teacher started sending weekly lessons, to include worksheets and projects. But until then, I was on my own. One of the things we did was make homemade play-doh and paper bag jellyfish -and then we made …

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Random March Pictures

Here we are sneaking cookies while Ben is elsewhere. Evie has a ways to go to understand such things as “act natural” and “clandestine.” Every now and then, Evie will read Ben his bedtime story. Ben seems to be the limiting factor more often than not, but it’s still sweet to watch. Ben is both …

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The Kids

Ben He has clearly learned when he’s doing something wrong because whenever he’s doing something and we go to stop him, he’ll run and back away, shaking his head, like “come and get me, coppa!” Ben and Words He constantly says “oh nooo!” Something has fallen, “oh nooo!” Something is stuck, “oh nooo!” Something’s not …

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Patio Furniture

We needed new patio furniture but we couldn’t quite agree on what to get and we definitely didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it. Eventually, we decided James could take it on as a project (seriously, it was a joint decision; we were looking at other projects and talked about maybe making …

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A Meal with Ingredients that Keep

Essentially. Also, both kids loved it. So there’s that endorsement. I’ve been baking my own bread because we, the Sakasens, can’t live without bread, and I found this easy and delicious French bread recipe from King Arthur. It’s a recipe that requires a sponge (it’s just some of the water, flour, and yeast, mixed and …

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My New Apron

I made myself an apron! I had a lot of scraps of fabric, much of which I had used for a picnic blanket I made a few years ago. Plus, lots of worn out jeans. Anyway, I did much the same thing, made a patchwork square fabric that I cut out to make a pinafore …

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Painting, part 1

We painted all of the rooms upstairs when we moved it, but hadn’t done much since then (I painted the half bath last year around this time). We had some water damage in the master bathroom/bedroom (and Evie’s room) because of shottily made houses and their roofs, wind, and rain, and the drywall repair extended …

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Stuff to Do in These Isolating Times

I’m going to keep updating the blog itself, but I thought I’d keep this post on top because I’ll keep updating this particular one, too. Just scroll down to skip it if it’s of no use; if for no one else, at least these links will be easily accessible for me: How to Help If …

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KSTEM TEA, part 2

Ben was sick, so James took Evie to her TEA for her bridge unit. It sounded like they had a lot of fun! Here’s their mission: Here’s their design and their materials: Here’s their finished bridge: And here’s the test: