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Random September Pics

Evie spent her last day before First Grade just hanging out, enjoying the nice weather with some tea. Ben spent it hanging out with Daddy and getting him to read a variety of books. Even though we were doing distance learning, we still had to commemorate Evie’s first day of First Grade. James had a …

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Random August Pictures

These are truly random pictures. No stories -except the one where Evie is washing her bike and Ben is totally helping -just some cute pictures. Of Ben, apparently.

Random July Pictures

There’s a park near one of James’ work locations that has a slew of wild raspberry bushes and we decided to take advantage of them and go raspberry picking with the kids. It was super hot and James was really the only one who managed to get a lot, in part because he had the …

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James’ Projects

James has been getting more and more into building things with wood, which is super awesome because I have a plethora of project ideas, one of which was a table to use and store my sewing machine and on which I could cut fabric, etc. I found some designs online and we we through them …

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The Fourth of July

We were supposed to go to Aunt Jan and Uncle Bob’s farm, but the coronavirus put those plans up in the air. At about the last minute, permission to travel beyond 120 miles was rescinded, so we stayed home and had our standard BBQ fare, plus some poppers and sparklers. And scooter-riding.

Random June Pictures

Wow. So it’s been 6 months since I’ve added anything to the site. That’s mostly been a function of having some storage issues with the site server, but also just the general craziness of trying to find a rhythm during quarantine, readjusting that rhythm as school begins… readjusting again as all-day-sickness sets in and remains… …

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James Is Promoting to Lt. Col!

We Hope You can Join Us To the Point The ceremony will start at 1400 EST on Tuesday, 5 January 2021, so there’s time to join the Meet and “mingle” and or day drink (in celebration, of course) beforehand and a little time afterward. Since we’re doing this outside, weather day backups are Wednesday or …

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Quick Note

I know this site seems abandoned -it isn’t! Things have just been a little crazy right now and updating the site has, as usual, been relegated as last priority. BUT the various wishlists have been updated, should one need ideas. We hope everyone is doing well and we’ll try to post some pictures as soon …

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Ben’s Birthday

Ben turned 2! James had to work, so the kids and I had our typical day of a walk and school stuff (this was our last week of real-quarantine-school), and Evie helped me cook and we ate and opened gifts once James got home. And it turned out that the shirt I got Ben matched …

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Random May Pictures

Instead of buying kiddie pools, we broke out the winter sleds and filled those with water, which both kids have enjoyed. Ben hates water splashed in his face a la Evie or the sprinkler, but he does enjoy sitting in the water and taking water from one place to another. You can also see pieces …

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