Random October Pics

These are just of Ben enjoying his toddler bed, and him on a walk, throwing leaves into the stream below that bridge.

We went apple picking! This time to Hollin Farm, about an hour away from our house. It was a pretty nice day -clear and grew warmer as the day wore on -and there was an apple cider doughnut stand, so we all had a snack before we headed to the orchards. It took Ben a few tries to feel up to picking apples, and once he did, he had some trouble actually getting them off of the tree, but he had fun scurrying about directing us where to go. And by this point, Evie is a pro, so she knew exactly what to do. Also, by this point, Mom had come to live with us while the pandemic rages on, so she was able to go with us!

After apple picking, we went to the Sky Meadows State Park, which was pretty much next door to the farm, and found a lovely picnic area next to their Children’s Discovery Area, so we were able to have some lunch and the kids got to explore just a small bit of the Discovery Area before we headed back home.

Halloween! Evie wanted to be “Elsa from Frozen 2 when she finds the voice” and Ben had absolutely no opinion, so when I ordered Evie’s costume, I found one for Ben -Peter Pan! When we first got the costumes in and I had the kids try them on, Ben was not interested in wearing the hat. Once Halloween rolled around, and Evie made wearing the hat seem super fun for him, he was all about it. It was a pretty chilly evening, so the kids were wearing layers under their costumes, and they just rang our doorbell a few times to get some candy and pictures, then James took them to walk around and wave to neighbors at a distance as we all checked out each others costumes.

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