Random November Pics

Even though they were a week or so beyond the peek, James, Mom, and the kids were able to go leaf peeping, where they ended up back at Sky Meadows State Park for lunch, and further explored the Discovery Area. Clearly it was a nice day to be out and about.

These are just around the neighborhood. Evie is getting more adept and willing to ride her bike on various inclines, which has definitely broadened her enjoyment of the different trails around here.

I really enjoy Thanksgiving and I’m not a fan of extending the Christmas season beyond December, but I also do really enjoy Christmas ornaments and decorations (not enough to extend beyond what we have already, of course, but enough to be a little festive). Taking all of these notions into account, our decorations come out and go up the day after Thanksgiving, so instead of shopping, we stay in, make some wassail, decorate the tree, and hang the stockings. This was the first year Ben was generally aware that at least something was happening, and it was fun to see him involve himself in the decorating. Evie, leader of the kids, made sure Ben knew what to do and how.

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