Random June Pictures

Wow. So it’s been 6 months since I’ve added anything to the site. That’s mostly been a function of having some storage issues with the site server, but also just the general craziness of trying to find a rhythm during quarantine, readjusting that rhythm as school begins… readjusting again as all-day-sickness sets in and remains… readjusting again as the holidays come upon us… you get the gist. But. I’ll get to it.

Evie had a final project for KSTEM in which she had to design and then build something. While she and James worked together on it, she was the one who came up with the initial idea and did the bulk of the design and execution. It was pretty awesome. You can’t see the whole thing in the last image, but it has a funnel up top to catch rain, and has a hose she can use to water the plants.

This is just… Ben. Before he finally let us cut his hair. Normally, he’s awake when I get him from his nap (prior to changing from the crib to the toddler bed), but I think on this day I must have woken him and that’s why he’s so mellow.

We have a lot of “self-service” areas in the house so the kids can just play with what they want to play with, and Evie’s started getting all the paint stuff out for her and Ben to use, to include the water. She’s even gotten really great at cleaning up after them -washing out the glass and the paint brushes, putting away the paints and paint shirts, etc. The other is of Ben on his bike with his HUGE helmet.

Finally, a few pictures from Father’s Day. After a hearty breakfast, we went for a hike along the various trails in the wooded areas close by. I made a couple different hand pies, plus chocolate chip cookies (of course), that we had at some nearby picnic tables, and then headed home to shower, open his present, relax, and then eat some more (James favorite dish: Eggplant Parmesan; that features a lot on special occasions).

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