James Is Promoting to Lt. Col!

We Hope You can Join Us

To the Point

The ceremony will start at 1400 EST on Tuesday, 5 January 2021, so there’s time to join the Meet and “mingle” and or day drink (in celebration, of course) beforehand and a little time afterward. Since we’re doing this outside, weather day backups are Wednesday or Thursday, 6 or 7 January 2021 at the same time. We’ll send out a corrected invite as soon as we know.

You can forward the calendar/email invite, which includes the Google Meet link under Joining Info, to whomever you’d like and want to attend. I don’t know it if it needs to be explicitly stated, but just in case: you need a Google/Gmail account to be able to access Meet.

Here’s the Help page for Google Meet, which should answer any questions or issues one might have.

More Context

As expressed, though it really can’t be said enough: We are SO proud of James! So many of his former and current coworkers, civilian and military alike, have expressed congratulations and thoughtful words on his work ethic and skills as an engineer, a manager, and an officer, and we are reminded of how supportive found families can be.

We had hoped we would be able to have a big celebration, but obviously we would rather everyone take COVID seriously and remain safe and well. Our next thought was that James would just go into the Deputy Director’s office (Col Rondeau), take the oath, and then have a party sometime later in the year once, one hopes, vaccinations have made their rounds to the wider population and we can return to some sense of normality. When James told Col Rondeau his plan, Rondeau volunteered to give him the oath anywhere he wanted so his family could participate. That then evolved into providing a video conference link so that any friend, family, or coworker could join in and help us celebrate and bear witness. We are so grateful to Col Rondeau for providing us a way to stand with James.

The significance, organization, or existence of military promotions can be a big unknown to non-military members. I found a couple websites that have some information if it’s of interest, though, of course, these are for non-Pandemic times, so lower your expectations. 🙂

And here’s a link to our post on James’ promotion to Major four years ago for what we would have done, but couldn’t.

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