Random May Pictures

Instead of buying kiddie pools, we broke out the winter sleds and filled those with water, which both kids have enjoyed. Ben hates water splashed in his face a la Evie or the sprinkler, but he does enjoy sitting in the water and taking water from one place to another.

You can also see pieces of our old patio furniture. We (mostly James) took them apart so we could recycle what could be recycled. It took months but we (mostly James) finally finished toward the end of May/beginning of June! Now we just need to take the recyclables where they need to go.

You can also see a bit of our garden! At that point, we really only had mint, thyme, and some carrots, but we’re slowly getting lettuce and tomatoes and sugar snap peas (and still mint and thyme). Oh! And some chives.

Evie had to draw some flowers around the house for a school project.

I’m not sure if he was looking for more or what.

And here’s a dinner baby:

Ben clearly has an innate understanding of efficient, comfortable work spaces and what it takes to work from home.

I can’t resist taking pictures of my kids as they sleep.

We have lots of walking paths, washes, and reservoirs around our neighborhood, so there are lots of opportunities to insect- and frog-watch. This includes gathering some of the latter as well as pond water and plants for a school project.

We saw this on one of our walks, and I’m pretty sure it’s an alien organism that, when broken apart, will release a substance into the air that will turn those who inhale it into some sort of alien-controlled pawn.

We also saw this on our walk and the color contrasts were so striking and gorgeous, we had to take a picture.

Our Memorial Day consisted of bbq, green beans, various potatoes, and strawberries.

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