Random March Pictures

Here we are sneaking cookies while Ben is elsewhere. Evie has a ways to go to understand such things as “act natural” and “clandestine.”

Every now and then, Evie will read Ben his bedtime story. Ben seems to be the limiting factor more often than not, but it’s still sweet to watch.

Ben is both a good eater and a good kitchen helper. He insists on knowing what’s in the oven, so the light is almost always on when the oven is -even if it’s just coming to temperature. If there’s even a hint that the oven could be in use, he runs over and insists the light turn on so he can check it out.

Best Buds

When we have enough time between dinner clean up and bedtime, we try to go on walks (though that’s easier when it’s not blazing hot), and the kids have taken to climbing up on the various berms around our neighborhood. Not only are there trees for running around/playing hide and go seek, but there are also decorative (but real) rocks on which to climb.

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