Random April Pictures

From about late March through the end of the school year, I homeschooled Evie. Starting about mid April, Evie’s teacher started sending weekly lessons, to include worksheets and projects. But until then, I was on my own. One of the things we did was make homemade play-doh and paper bag jellyfish -and then we made a habitat for the jellyfish with that play-doh. Our lessons were definitely not all so connected, but there it is.

Our dishwasher broke -but, unfortunately, was fixable (all of our appliances are really crappy -they’re GE after all; they work, so we’re not about to spend a few grand replacing them all, but we do sort of hope they’ll break so we can have that excuse. Sigh. I miss our appliances at the Bedford house…) Anyway. It broke and James had it out to fix it once the part came in, and Ben extended his helpfulness to repair work. Since then, every now and again, he’ll get on the ground to look at the base of the dishwasher. The first few times he did it, I was worried, like he stepped in water or something. And then I realized there was nothing and he was just curious about the thing.

This is just a standard Monday at the Sakasens.

As mentioned, Evie’s teacher started sending home lessons and assignments and, since it’s a KSTEM, most of the projects incorporated the design and execution process. The wind unit included the designing and building of a windmill -check it out!

Not too long after we moved in, James built a swing for Evie. He has since improved upon it (particularly to make the seat larger so he can sit on it more comfortably), but when Ben started getting interested in the swing, Evie suggested Daddy make one for Ben!

For some reason, I feel like there should be some sort of runway. Or he should star breaking out into song, snapping his fingers to lyrics about jets and sharks.

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