The Kids


  • He has clearly learned when he’s doing something wrong because whenever he’s doing something and we go to stop him, he’ll run and back away, shaking his head, like “come and get me, coppa!”
  • Ben and Words
    • He constantly says “oh nooo!” Something has fallen, “oh nooo!” Something is stuck, “oh nooo!” Something’s not working “oh nooo!” He’s done something wrong and wants to make it out like he totally didn’t mean to do it, “oh nooo!”
    • All done. This is another all purpose one. “all done…” I’m not hungry; “all done…” food’s ready. “all done…” I’m done hugging. “all done…” I don’t need your input, stop talking or telling me anything I don’t want to hear. “all done…” Mommy/Daddy/Evie are done doing whatever it was we were doing (showering, chores, walking, reading, eating, emptying containers…) “all done…” you may remove me from my bath.
    • “Airplane!” Which sounds more like there’s a B at the end of Apple, for some reason. And we’re under a flight path, so this happens a lot (not as much lately for obvious reasons, but still).
    • “Oooh!” When he’s very excited about anything or wants you to pay attention to what he’s paying attention to.
    • “Hot!” This is his general “this will hurt” word. See, Christmas. But it works because he’ll back away. So, another thing he does is insist on being involved with whatever is cooking. He always scurries over when he hears stove noises and always checks the oven -so we need to have the light on so he can peer in, even when nothing is in there -and when he hears the timer, he’ll run over and say “oooh!” and we say, “hot!” and he’ll say “hot!” and he’ll back away so he can watch from a safe distance. Or he’ll bring us the oven mitts, no matter if a timer has gone off or not and say “all done” like, “I say when it’s done.”
  • Ben loves to climb on things; he’s found my kitchen stool and knows how to open it without hurting himself and so will take it, open it, and push it around wherever he wants to go. Including the middle of the floor.
  • He loves to be outside. Even when it’s super cold or debilitatingly hot. And he’s really good at playing on his own, too, not just outside, but inside as well, which is helpful. He also loves walks and has also learned that going fast on walks is AMAZING.
  • He also loves to try foods, or at least to have the same foods on his plate as everyone else. This includes all manner of spicy sauces (hot sauce, gochujang sauce, cayenne pepper, spicy sesame oil, etc.). About which he says “spicy,” while strumming his lip and tongue. But then he’ll sometimes eat more.


  • She still loves to sing and dance, and she’s begun to sing -very loudly- outside. If you’ve heard “Into the Unknown” from Frozen 2 and remember the voice Elsa hears -that’s Evie’s call to all of the neighbor kids who have joined a coalition to shout to and play with one another from their balconies. When they hear her, it’s time to go outside and join the gang! Let’s rough up some dolls and blow some bubbles!
  • She’s starting to read; she still prefers to take the easier route to entertainment, but without really thinking about it, she starts to sound out words or even says them immediately (“that’s End, I know that.”)
  • She’s getting better at playing on her own, or playing with Ben. She still needs to the group play more than Ben does, but she is learning to entertain herself.
  • She’s still a ham and likes to pose for the camera… to the point we have to beg her to do a more serious one.
  • Clackity-Clacking on her “computer.” She’s created her own via paper AND random books, and she’ll sit there and play at using her computer to do various nonsensical things.

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