Patio Furniture

We needed new patio furniture but we couldn’t quite agree on what to get and we definitely didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it. Eventually, we decided James could take it on as a project (seriously, it was a joint decision; we were looking at other projects and talked about maybe making it ourselves, and then James started looking at stuff and I started looking at stuff, and then James took over).

The chairs took a while, but the table was a lot faster, in part because it was all straight cuts. There was a bit of a miscalculation, so he had to take it a part a little, but it still went a lot faster.

Next was to stain it -during which Evie insisted on helping (and she was a big help! She didn’t have any work clothes, so I put her in one of James’ work shirts) and then to polyurethane it. Lots of nights working on the project while the kids were asleep.

And then we got to use it! Well… We got to put it out on our patio and admire it and occasionally sit at it (also to admire it) because, naturally, we finished it just as various systems rolled through to make it cold and windy, rainy, windy, or just cold.

The one time it was warm enough was during a weekday lunch, so the kids and I got to sit out there.

It was sunny but still a little chilly; Evie learned that she needed to choose whether she wanted to be cold but not have the sun shining in her eyes or be warm but have the sun in her eyes. Eventually she chose the latter by scooching closer to Ben.

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