Painting, part 1

We painted all of the rooms upstairs when we moved it, but hadn’t done much since then (I painted the half bath last year around this time). We had some water damage in the master bathroom/bedroom (and Evie’s room) because of shottily made houses and their roofs, wind, and rain, and the drywall repair extended down the wall a little in the master bath, so we had to paint that room. While we were at it, we painted the entry way. Much of the house was already painted, but I think the main reason there’s been little impetus to paint anything is that we were (mostly) done upstairs and the the main floor was an acceptable blue. Except that there was this weird light green along our entry and lower staircase. I mean, the color isn’t/wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t go with much of anything in the house (then and now), and we had so much leftover paint that we just mixed the dark blue/gray and light gray together (the dark blue/gray was from the master, the light gray was from Ben’s room). The master bath itself was the weird blue color that I had always intended to paint, but bathrooms are always such a pain (so many nooks and crannies) so I kept putting it off. But no more! As a matter of fact, we painted the master bath AND the ground floor bathroom (the pink we used in Evie’s room). And maybe I’ll get to the ground floor room before we show the house to sell in a year or two.

In addition to painting the hallway, we put our pictures back up on the wall, to include some we got from Cynthia’s house, one of which was a large painting Grandpa Hammett did (James’ maternal grandfather), which we had framed and had just gotten back.

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