Christmas was quiet and relatively warm (gah!). We started off with stockings; Mom made both of their stockings and Evie was able to use hers last year and Ben used his for the first time this year. So cute!

Our next adventure came later when Ben started crying; we thought it was because he was mad about something and had slammed his head against the floor (because he does that), but he was inconsolable, and eventually I thought maybe he had an earache and gave him some Motrin. Still super upset. Later, after he had calmed down and we had gone about our day, we saw a dark spot on his forehead and realized he had burned himself on the fireplace (that glass gets really hot). Much later, I saw his left hand and it had blisters all over it. Earlier he had avoided pushing over his kitchen stool and wanted one of us to do it, which is atypical, but made sense once we understood it was because his hand hurt. Our poor baby! Outside of avoiding using that hand, he didn’t seem to notice, and eventually we had to pop the blisters, a couple times, after which he also seemed to be all right. By now they’re mostly healed, just peeling, and his forehead is completely fine. Phew! But seriously. It was pretty sad.

We opened presents in phases; phase 1 was Ben’s before his nap. Phase 2 was Evie’s, and then I had to do stuff with dinner. Phase 3 was the adults’ presents when things were in the oven/simmering/waiting to do either of those things. And then phase 4 was after Ben woke up and we opened all the whole-family presents.

Ben got more gifts, but the present and card were from Evie and she bought the gift herself with her own money.

This was our first Christmas using our fabric wrapping paper and it was great! So much less in the trash and recycling bins -which also meant less cleanup! Also, wrapping turned out to be a much shorter affair, which was a bonus I didn’t think about.

The kids each “bought” me a book: Ben got me a book about Thurgood Marshall (prior to his Supreme Court appointment), which I’m excited about. And Evie got me A Midwife’s Tale, which I’m SO excited about. I got the audiobook a couple years ago and realized there was a lot to keep track of and that I’d rather have the physical book so I could flip back and forth, but hadn’t had the chance to go and get it, let alone read it, since then.

Dinner was a prime rib roast, with celery root soup, super buttery Parker House rolls, cranberry sauce, scalloped potatoes, green beans, and chocolate rice pudding. We discovered Ben loved cranberry sauce over Thanksgiving, so I had to make some for Christmas. You can also see his little forehead (!).

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