Dance Recital

Evie had her parent watch day for dance on Wednesday. She’s just doing ballet this season, though I would like her to do others, just for the exposure, and, maybe to have better dance coordination than her parents. We’ll see. I’d also like her to take martial arts of some sorts and I think she still wants to do swimming, so that’s a lot activities.

For this one, her teacher e-mailed a video of her doing the dance so the kids could practice if they wanted, and we took advantage of that while we were away (more on that in the coming weeks). I think that helped her feel a little more comfortable doing the dance so she could enjoy herself more, but the teacher is there doing it with them and she’s already said her favorite part of dance is the recital, so I’m sure it would have been fine, regardless.

The night is made up of a variety of classes, and each does an across the floor routine of a particular dance move so we can see their technique and, hopefully, any improvements during the next recital. Then they do a short choreographed dance. Evie’s was set to whatever song from Polar Express (I have never seen the movie and am just over the line into not caring enough to look up the name).

Afterward, we were able to take pictures of her, and then she gave Ben a million kisses and hugs.


    • Eric on December 6, 2019 at 11:19 PM
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    How absolutely cute!!! Sure wish I could see in person.

    1. That would be wonderful! They’re around the same dates as already posted in June and December; just let us know when you want to visit!

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