This year, Evie decided to dress as Elsa from Frozen. So, a slight step backward in women’s empowerment.

I was definitely NOT going to make this costume -Mom could have done it because she’s awesome, but this one definitely exceeds my middling skills -so we trekked out to Tysons Corner to the nearest Disney Store to check out their costumes. After going to that store, I’m even more excited to take Evie to Disney because she was having a blast just in that little place!

Minnieland, the kids’ school, had a Trunk or Treat/food truck event, so that was the first place Evie got to dress up.

And we put Ben in the lion costume we got Evie for her first Halloween.

James had to travel on Halloween, so I left out some candy and the kids and I went trick or treating in our neighborhood with some neighbors Evie plays with. We were… inefficient with our route, ending up at some of the same houses at least a couple times. But the kids had fun and it was actually a relatively warm night (apparently I acclimated to NE, plus I was wearing Ben, so I was comfy in a short sleeved shirt).

And, once we were done, Evie had a little snack on the couch before we headed up to bed.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. And she didn’t have a meltdown even though it was late and she didn’t eat any of her candy. One of the neighbors had donuts instead of candy -what? kind of eww and also kind of Halloween No-No 101 -and she didn’t argue about not being able to have one. Ben was a trooper; he got tired toward the end, but then fell asleep after fussing a little. And since Evie got to choose most of her candy, she got a lot of good ones. No candy corn in sight, barely any smarties. I admit that I’ve already had some -she shouldn’t be having chewy candy anyway. I got an e-mail about Halloween dental hygiene from our dentist in Bedford that proves it. 🙂 So, really, I’m doing it for her.

And this is for everyone else:

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    • MOm on November 4, 2018 at 9:46 PM
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    She’s a beautiful Elsa. I’m expecting her to burst in song and walk on ice!!! Ben was an adorable lion just like Evie was. I miss you guys and sharing in your activities.


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