House, 1

Yay! Pictures of our house! Just the thing everyone has been waiting for, right? 🙂 Well, they can’t all be winners. But, to make it more interesting, they’re of the kids’ areas, which are way more fun anyway.

Evie and Ben have their own rooms, though, eventually, we’re not averse to them sharing. But we all like our sleep, so until one of us can reliably sleep through the night, it’s separate bedrooms. Evie had been in the toddler bed (aka crib) until we moved, when we bought her new furniture. Wait, back up. Before we moved, to give her something to look forward to, we told Evie we would paint her room (pink!) and get her new furniture. Painting the kids’ rooms was the first thing we did (they were this true red; great color but not so much in a bedroom…) before we moved in, and then we got the furniture. Luckily, they delivered Evie’s new furniture when the movers brought the rest of the furniture. We also went to a mattress store where Evie got to try out all sorts of mattresses and “chose” hers (because we narrowed it down for her and then made an executive decision based upon: “I like A better.” “But the one that you’re sitting on is B.” “Well I like B.” “But what about A, which is this one.” “I like A and B.” Since they were the same firmness, we got A, because it was cheaper). BTW, it’s been overcast a lot lately, so thus the pictures. Could I have turned on some lights? Sure, but I think they make pictures look worse. So I made the call.

Ben’s room got the standard gray shade that I love, plus our new glider, but the rest of the furniture is the same.

And, finally, the living area, with glimpses of the kitchen nook. It took a little while to get this area settled because it took a while to get around to ordering the bookshelves and craft table. All the kids books are pretty beat up because Evie is a bit rough with them and it’s not super easy for her to put them away on a standard bookshelf. That, plus wanting her to be able to see her books easily encouraged me to get the bookshelves that allow the books to face out. Still a smidge of a pain because only so many fit in each slot so it takes a bit of trial and error to put them away, but well worth it. And she has her SC chair in the corner that she’ll sit in to read. She also has better access to her dress up stuff (which is really the pieces from last year’s Halloween costume and other odds and ends I’ve found and stuck with her stuff), and other games. In the kitchen, we converted the blue buffet we had in the dining room at the old house to a storage area for her arts and crafts stuff, and the craft table for her to use to draw and play. Eventually these will all be for Ben’s benefit, too, but he’s not interested right now. Overall, the layout of this house (and its larger size, admittedly), has helped to get her stuff out and more accessible. She’s still an extrovert who likes to play with someone, anyone, but now she has a smidge more and longer moments when she’ll do something on her own, which helps her introverted parents to recharge.

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