June was a pretty busy month. We went to a Taste of 3rd Ave, where there was food but also face painting and balloon animals, which Evie loved.

In April, Evie started a gymnastics class through our town recreation department and during the last one, the parents were allowed to come in and watch the “routine” they had been learning -super cute!

In my newly free-ish time, I cleaned out my closet and found some jeans that I never wear anymore, but which were a great wash, still in wearable condition, etc. I didn’t want to just throw them out so asked Google for ideas on what to do with them and one of the suggestions was to make a quilt. Evie and I like to go on picnics to the park and I have plenty of fabric scraps so I thought I’d try my hand. I have to admit -it went better than I expected and I think I did a pretty good job.

Finally, I graduated! Part of the program was to spend a week up at Norwich for their Residency week, which was essentially various degree-specific classes/presentations and interdisciplinary workshops that ended in Commencement. I met some fellow historians and some of my professors and generally had a really fun time. I drove up on Monday and then Evie and Mom cam up on Thursday where we had an Academic Recognition/Hooding ceremony and Friday morning was Commencement, after which we drove home. Norwich has a very pretty campus, about 1.5 hours south-eastish of Burlington, VT.

And, I won the Best Capstone, US History Award, so that was cool.

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