James’ Promotion

James promoted to Major on 1 November, and his promotion ceremony was on 5 November with a party afterward at our house. James’ mom and dad were able to visit and part of the ceremony is the rank pin-on, and there are plenty of ways we all participate in that. (Okay, reminder: you can click on the images, they’ll open in their own windows/tabs, and then you can right click and save the images to your computer if you so choose.)

pic_0014 pic_0022

Knowing that my (or any) three-year-old wouldn’t be able to sit still through a quiet and relatively formal ceremony with mostly static images of people just sitting or standing, I brought a few things for Evie to do quietly at our seats. She was only interested in the snacks I brought and enjoyed running from James to me to Grandma, to Grandpa, to empty seats, to our friends who were there, to Bri (the admin for James’ office), all with her bag of trail mix in her hand.

pic_0011After the pinning-on, Evie went back to her seat with me, then suddenly remembered what she had been doing before, which was sitting with Bri, eating her snacks, so she got up ran halfway to her, and cried out, “Where’s my nuts?!”  To which Bri responded, in a shouting whisper, “Evie, they’re over here.”

But she still didn’t want to sit and when she saw James standing up in front of everyone making a speech, she got up and went to play with him. Needless to say, she stole the show.

pic_0032For the part at our house, we had lots of finger food type things that James requested, and lots of booze, because that’s the tradition. As decoration and part of the celebration of James’ achievements and just his history in and with the military, I went through our photos and displayed quite a few.

dsc_0823_20151104_125210 dsc_0824_20151104_125220 dsc_0825_20151104_202834 dsc_0826_20151104_202841The End!

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