Evie’s Adventures

While we were away, Evie and Mom did quite a few things, one of which was go to a 4H Fair where she got to pet chickens, cows, sheep, and go on a hay ride.

dsc07735 dsc07741 dsc07746 dsc07759 dsc07774They also went to an outdoor kid fair thing 3rd Ave was having (3rd Ave is just an outdoor shopping center type place near our house) where she got a balloon animal, a flower on her face, and strawberry ice cream!

dsc07775 dsc07783dsc07786 dsc07787dsc07793 dsc07796On the next weekend, they went to the Children’s Discovery Museum, which is pretty much a place of various science experiments for various ages. It’s pretty cool.

dsc07798 dsc07800 dsc07806 dsc07816 dsc07826 dsc07832 dsc07836And when we got home, she got to play with the souvenirs we got her: a popular cartoon character from Prague (a mole) and a dirndl (a traditional dress from Austria).dsc_0749_20150906_115243 dsc_0751_20150906_115324 dsc_0754_20150906_115426 dsc_0759_20150906_115509Also, at some point during that week, Mom and Evie were downstairs getting together for school when Evie stepped on a bee! Naturally that put a wrench in the day and Mom decided no school -wise decision -and headed off to Cape Cod -about 2 hours away. Wowzers. It sounded like they both had a fun day that day. But since then, Evie will occasionally say, “I got a bummer bee sting.”

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    • Dorothy on September 21, 2016 at 11:31 PM
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    That is the biggest bubble blower I’ve seen!
    I enjoy seeing all these cute pics of Evie. It is so great that share them all. Thanks for that. Love you all. Happy Fall season.

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