Wishlists 2022 Updated

Hi! I know this looks abandoned -and maybe it is! I haven’t decided! -but the wishlists are updated, and generally are whenever a gift-giving event comes around, just in case anyone needs some inspiration.

Random April Pictures

At the beginning of the month, we went on a short hike/walk up a hill on base. There were pockets of enjoyment and interest, but also pockets of “I’m tired!” and “I want to go back home!” But everyone did pretty well and it was a nice way to spend an hour.

Painting the kids’ toenails:

La Brea

In mid-April, we took the kids to La Brea Tar Pits where we enjoyed the museum and the tar pits themselves. At this point everything in there is more abstract than tangible science and history, but it was still fun to see them interact with the information and the displays.

Also, Lincoln was there:


When we found out we’d be going to CA, we made a list of all the things we wanted to do while we were here and, later, looked at it practically, figuring out when we’d do everything so we would, in fact, get around to doing these things. One of those things was going to Monterey. On a bit of a whim, we called and were actually able to get reservations at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey.

On the way up, we took a scenic route and made some stops along the way, to include lunch, of course, at a park where the kids could blow off some energy, and a beach where the kids could play, get their feet wet, and look for tide pools.

The main reason we went was to go to the aquarium, and we spent most of our first full day there.

The rest of the days, we just relaxed and went to a few different beaches, had picnics at parks, explored the downtown area, and hiked a little.

We took our time on the way back -a little more time than we intended, actually (we thought we’d get home for dinner, but wound up having to stop about 2 hours away from home since it was getting so late!) -and had another picnic lunch (sandwiches we had gotten before leaving Monterey) at an overlook/campground, where we could explore.

Random March Pictures

We’re starting them young!

The boys and I stopped by the museum on base while Evie was at school and Ben sat in a cockpit they had out for people to enjoy.

They aren’t always the best of friends, but Ben does often like to snuggle with his brother.

The best game is always Daddy Is a Horse or some variation thereof.

And the best toys are always empty boxes.

Random February Pictures

While there were some cooler days, there were quite a few gorgeous ones, and we took advantage of it by being outside as much as possible.

We went to Little Tokyo and got some groceries and a new casual dining set. And ate.

And the kids, of course, continue to entertain us and develop their own personalities.

Also, Lincoln stood on his own for the first time!

Random January Pictures

The last snow storm during our time on the East Coast!

Ben being silly.

Well, we moved. We lived in a hotel for a week while the movers packed, loaded, and drove away our things; stayed an extra day to clean up the carpets and wood floors for the eventual house sale; and then drove off on 15 January. Eight days later, we arrived at Edwards and lived at the TLF for another week while we unpacked. We were mostly unpacked when we finally moved in, which was so nice and always my goal. A great thing about living on Edwards are all the parks and playgrounds within walking distance, and we’ve already taken advantage of them quite a bit.

These were from the backyard of the TLF house; we’d forgotten about the amazing desert sunrises.


Christmas was a quiet affair. We started with stockings:

We had breakfast, cleaned up, got dressed, took pictures, did some cooking…

played outside for a bit…

did some eating, and opened some presents.


James made me bookends with the extra wood he had from the frame he made. The NRO has a Makerspace that has all sorts of tools, to include a laser wood cut thing, so he found silhouette’s of the old Sherlock Holmes and the new (Benedict Cumberbatch)! Aren’t these great?! The perfect present.

Random December Pictures

An important milestone was that James was finally able to complete a project he’d been wanting to work on for a while: A custom frame for a large stained glass his mom had made him.

Lincoln is growing and developing; he’s so excited to be crawling that he wants to start walking. We’ll often come into his room once he’s woken and he’s pulled himself to standing. He’ll also use whatever he can as walkers so he can get from one end of the house to another. Too soon!

Hatteras, Thanksgiving

After much debate, we went to Hatteras again this year for Thanksgiving week. If we keep to ourselves and ignore the ignorant signs and symbols around us, it’s a pretty great area! Even better, Uncle Bob and Aunt Jan came out with us. It was so great to see and hang out with them, and the kids had a blast beating up Uncle Bob (and cousin Bob when he drove out for a few days over Thanksgiving).